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Let us offer you a quick, easy and inexpensive way to get
your inventory on Twitter.

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Feature Rich

This module comes as a part of our online software suite. This provides a single point of contact for your entire business. The best part is that each module communicates with one another providing valuable insight.

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Easy To Set Up

Our twitter module integrates directly with your inventory management module. So all it takes are a few simple clicks. You can set up your twitter feed to be automatically updated with your inventory.


Business Need

Twitter has gained a huge customer base since it launched a few years ago. It is necessary for any dealership to stay competitive that they have a Twitter page. We help keep your twitter account fresh with news about your inventory. 

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About us

We are a small group of Technology Evangelist who challenge the norm and think of creative ways to help dealerships grow their business.

We started V8 Apps as a project a little over 2 years ago. Since then, we have delievered multiple functional and reliable solutions that have helped dealerships improve their bottom line. 

Autos On Twitter is our way of helping the dealership save the cost of posting inventory on Twitter one at a time. This frees up sales agents to follow up on leads, or do other more valuable tasks than typing on Twitter what you have already entered once into your inventory management system. 
We also offer unlimited data exports to other sites, lead management, as well as website hosting to name a few features.

Recent work

Custom Solutions

Along with our standard off-the-shelf solutions, we also do custom, built-to-order software to make sure the end product is exactly what your dealership needs and not a cookie cutter solution.

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