Twitter and Dealerships

Just like any Twitter user knows, the aim would be to have people discover you having a Twitter search or “follow” your tweets. Within the 4 years since its invention, it is an indication of distinction to possess 100s or 1000's of individuals following you, most probably waiting breathlessly for the every thought and action to become published. But it is not an objective that most dealerships can aspire.
Given consumers’ built-in potential to deal with messages from companies, dealerships do well when they get 1000 people following them on Twitter. Think about it as being delivering a mailer to some 1000 people. To have 1000 people willing to achieve that implies that a the dealer does an excellent job of not only not disturbing you but also providing informative usefull appropriate content.
A good reason that Twitter is increasing in popularity with dealerships is they use key phrases to optimize their tweets for search engines like google just like they are doing using their webpages. In by doing this, they drive traffic towards their messages and, consequently, for their websites. The next logical step after that is to have them visit the showroom which is a sure fire way to close.... or we feel.
To date, sellers appear to particularly like using new medium for used vehicle sales. That might be since the prices for just about any given model vary considerably from car dealership to car dealership. So a tweet on the used vehicle and it is cost in a particular store could be a helpful bit of information. But there's still the question of whether customers are purchasing.
The medium comes with some serious restrictions for vehicle sales. A Twitter look for a used BMW, for instance, may deliver offers from the dozen or even more nations, varying from England to Japan. The likelihood of an individual reading through a tweet, and living relatively near to us, and looking for an BMW is comparatively slim


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